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[39-PC3-EGSB-Sofa Mirror with Shelfs]

An elegant wide mirror with shelf suitable to place over the sofa supported with strong structure using enviromental friendly low emmision enginered wood covered with hand weaved straw and natural fiber, hand crafted to perfection. Proudly made in Indonesia.

Sofa Mirror with Shelfs
[TC1224-Christmas Table Coth]
Luxurious christmas table cloth made from 100% cotton with gold foil finish. We have hundreds of christmas design available for your selections. Custom size available.
Made in Indonesia.
Christmas Table Coth
[NP-02-Collapsible Storage Ottoman]
A product showing our capabilities combination based on 17 years of experience in hometextile production area and our quality handicraft production. This product is collapsible and can save you about 80% of freight, storage and display cost.
Collapsible Storage Ottoman
[TBCH03-Hanging Twin Bell]
Hanging Christmas Decoration with Twin Bell Shape. Made from 100% Cotton with Gold Finish Christmas Design filled with 100% Polyester Filling.
Hanging Twin Bell
[QCCC_026-Quilted Cushion Cover]
Outline quilting in cushion cover has always been our thing since 1989. Our detailed textile design with emboss effect from the quilting are timeless. One of the best quilting quality in the home textile industry with hundreds of design selection.

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Quilted Cushion Cover
[CCPH01-Christmas Pot Holders]
100% Cotton Pot Holders with 100% Polyester Padding
Christmas Pot Holders
[CDKR01-Christmas Wreath]
Hanging Christmas Wreath made from 100% Cotton with 100% Polyester Filling. Also available in Dia 40cm and other size.
Christmas Wreath
[DM-A1.M-Natural Decorative Mirror]
Decorative Mirror with Mendong Natural size 35cm x 35cm with 5cm Thickness and 7cm Rim Width
Natural Decorative Mirror
[CGT.03-Christmas Pot Holders]
Christmas Pot Holder made from 100% Cotton with Gold Finish
Christmas Pot Holders
[DM-B8-Natural Decorative Mirror]
Decorative Mirror made from Indonesian Unique Natural "Mendong" (Fimbristylis Globulosa). Size 35cm x 35cm x 6cm Thickness and 3cm Rim.
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Natural Decorative Mirror
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