Our Story & Philosophy

Founded in 1989 by Henry Atmadjaja, ANEKATUSMA have been creating crafted things in many shapes and forms. Creating new specialization in ways of using materials has always been our passion. Start from small home textile store in West Jakarta, and getting known by the world by its one of a kind Design Outline Quilted Cushion Cover through some international trade shows, we grew to be a home textile manufacturer specialized in our style of quilted cushion cover with hundreds of craft men and women supplying almost every major countries in Europe.

Having blessed by Indonesian culture and extensive material selections, we continue to explore things we can do. Beautifully woven natural fiber, with extensive type of weaving, materials and technique in the Indonesian culture, using this and blends it well with our awareness of worldwide trends of home decoration becoming one of our new passion. And when water hyacinth materials are no longer be a strong core materials of Indonesian producer, we develop another way of using it and become competitively strong in using it. The hand inlay mosaic pealed water hyacinth is now liked by our customers.

Not only making, we are also selling and distributing our products through our brands in the local market. Having hundreds of Indonesian major retailer stores selling our products in the home textiles and decorations category, we are fully aware of the importance of delivering the good quality product in timely manners for our wholesaler and export customers. This awareness of what is important for retailers, wholesaler and importers keep reminds us to be committed to make good quality product and delivering it in timely manners.


Our Commitment

Social Manufacturing

Social Manufacturing

We support Ethical Trading Initiative, in our company, employment are freely chosen, freedom of association and the right to collection bargaining are respected, working condition are safe and hygienic, child labor shall not be used, living wages are paid, working hours are not excessive, no discrimination is practiced, regular employment is provided, and no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

Preserve Local Culture

Preserve Local Culture

Hand woven is one of the Indonesian craft heritage culture. In many villages in Central and West Java (the main Island of Indonesia) once many of the villager have a machine in their household. This is slowly changing, not many people want to do this work anymore. We try to find an appropriate balance. What will be the best price in the middle where this price can support their needs so it is still attractive for the weaver and still can be an attractive price for us and our customers to sell. By doing this we could help to preserve our local culture.

Longer Lifetime

Longer Lifetime

Most of the production in Indonesia are using paperboard, we are using MDF material (low emission E1 for Europe, TSCA TITLE VI for USA). This MDF material are a much better material than paper board. This will provide a longer product lifetime.

Better Working Condition

Better Working Condition

We believe by providing better working condition for our workers, we can improve their productivity. We continuously improving working condition through systematic risk assessment in any steps of our production process. We do internal social audit in regular basis to keep the working condition. We also maintain a regular 3rd party social compliance audit to continuously improve our working condition.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our boxes and if possible other item are mostly flat-packed, if we cannot do flat-pack we will try to do it stacked, if we cannot do stacked, we will try to do it nested. All of this is to reduce transport volume. Reducing volume means reducing all unnecessary cost for us and for our customers, reducing the amount of fossil fuel used in transportation.

Renewable Material

Renewable Materials

Our main weave materials are water hyacinth and mendong straw. Both are renewable materials. Water Hyacinth is one of the fastest growing plants known. Water hyacinth is also known as an invasive species because of their growing speed, they can cover a lake in a very short time, blocking water flow and reducing the amount of sunlight entering the below surface ecosystem, often killing the ecosystem inside.

What We Do

Home Decor Products

Home Decor Manufacturer

Aneka Tusma is a leading home decor manufacturer, wholesale handicraft suppliers, decorative accessories for retailers, importer and projects worldwide.

Aneka Tusma Projects & Hospitality

Projects & Hospitality

Aneka Tusma manufactures custom furniture and room decoration for projects and hospitality industry for restaurants, hotels & interior designers.

Aneka Tusma Home Textile

Home Textile Manufacturer

Aneka Tusma manufacture home textiles since 1989.  Quilted cushion covers, place mats, table runners, aprons, oven mitts, pot holders.

Natural Woven Interior Design Supplies

Interior Design Supplies

Aneka Tusma also supplies natural woven materials for Interior Design Projects.  These beautiful Natural Woven are use for wallpapers and decorative accents.

Furniture Manufacturer

Furniture Manufacturer

Aneka Tusma now also manufacture indoor furniture specialized in grasscloth covered furniture and supplying indonesia furniture wholesale.

Aneka Tusma Woven Boxes

Market Sales & Distribution

Aneka Tusma apart from being a manufacturer also markets its own products under Prima Decor, Cook & Bake and Curated Home brands in the Indonesian market.

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