Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer

Indonesian furniture industry is one of the main export industries in the country. With more than 3.000 companies and over one and a half million workers with wooden furniture dominating the sector.  Among the strengths of the Indonesian furniture industry, we can mention the rich woodcarving tradition, the abundance of raw materials and a relatively low cost skilled labor force.

There are furniture companies in Bali.  But most of the furniture factory is concentrated in the Java Island.  Rattan wicker furniture manufacturer is concentrate in the Cirebon, West Java.  While in area like Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Semarang known for solid wood furniture factories.  Wooden furniture such as teak and mahogany furniture.  And there are Wood Carving Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in Jepara and Bali.

Aneka Tusma Grasscloth Parsons Console Table
Aneka Tusma Grasscloth Nightstand

Grasscloth Furniture

One of the latest furniture trends is Grasscloth furniture.  It is now the trending lifestyle furniture in the market.  Firstly because their natural look and feel.  Secondly, the craftsmanship will add value to the grasscloth covered furniture.  Philippines and Vietnam supplying raffia grasscloth wrapped furniture.  However in Indonesia, there are abundance of natural material selection for hand weaving.  For example Water Hyacinth, Mendong, Pandanus, Lingi and many other.  All of them having unique and distinctive characteristic.  Most importantly, the type weaving, pattern, coloring and finishing are limitless.

Why Aneka Tusma ?

Aneka Tusma starts as a home textile and home décor manufacturer and exporter.  Focusing on the use of Indonesian Natural Hand Woven fabric.  Creates beautiful home decoration items for more than 25 years.  Certainly, Aneka Tusma is really good and competitive at this.  Over 500 available grasscloth swatches for any season, trend board or custom development from buyer and clients.  Consequently, many of our customers also request to use this natural hand-woven fabric to creates indoor furniture.  Therefore, Aneka Tusma now also manufacture and export indoor furniture specialized in grasscloth covered furniture and supplying furniture importers, wholesalers and retailers.  Providing the same quality assurance and limitless options for furniture category.

Based in West Java, Aneka Tusma as an Indonesian furniture manufacturer supplies to retailers, wholesalers and importers oversees across various countries.  Contract hotel furniture is also one of its service.  Aneka Tusma offers a range of grasscloth indoor furniture such as grasscloth console tables, coffee tables, nightstands, side tables, stools and others.  Supported by hundreds of in-house workers.  As a result, higher control and reliability in product quality and delivery.

Our factory is audited by several reputed customers and auditing company for social compliance and are compliant to the requirement.  Our in-house creative team is constantly experimenting with innovative weaving, color and finishing.  By doing this, Aneka Tusma is able to continuously offer interesting & value-added product to the home fashion market.

Aneka Tusma Mendong Grasscloth Console Table Front
Aneka Tusma Grasscloth Coffee Table