Founded in 1989 by Henry Atmadjaja, ANEKATUSMA have been creating crafted things in many shapes and forms. Creating new specialization in ways of using materials has always been our passion. Start from small home textile store in West Jakarta, and getting known by the world by its one of a kind Design Outline Quilted Cushion Cover through some international trade shows, we grew to be become a home textile makers specialized in our style of quilted cushion cover with hundreds of craft men and women supplying almost every major countries in Europe.

Having blessed by Indonesian culture and extensive material selections, we continue to explore things we can do. Beautifully woven natural fiber, with extensive type of weaving, materials and technique in the Indonesian culture, using this and blends it well with our awareness of worldwide trends of home decoration becoming one of our new passion. And when water hyacinth materials are no longer be a strong core materials of Indonesian producer, we develop another way of using it and become competitively strong in using it. The hand inlay mosaic pealed water hyacinth is now liked by our customers.

Not only making, we are also selling and distributing our products through our brands in the local market. Having hundreds of Indonesian major retailer stores selling our products in the home textiles and decorations category, we are fully aware of the importance of delivering the good quality product in timely manners for our wholesaler and export customers. This awareness of what is important for retailers, wholesaler and importers keep reminds us to be committed to make good quality product and delivering it in timely manners.